Note: LUNA is still a work in progress; and while much of the technology is in a usable state, much of its feature-set is still being built. Consider LUNA an ‘unstable’ library, for the time being.

Welcome to the LUNA project! LUNA is a full toolkit for working with USB using FPGA technology; and provides gateware to enable USB applications.


Some things you can use LUNA for, currently:

  • Protocol analysis for Low, Full or High speed USB. LUNA provides gateware that allow passive USB monitoring. When combined with the Packetry USB protocol analysis application and suitable hardware, such as Cynthion, it can be used as a full-featured USB analyzer.

  • Creating your own Low, Full or High speed USB device. LUNA provides a collection of Amaranth gateware that allows you to easily create USB devices in gateware, software, or a combination of the two.

  • Building USB functionality into a new or existing System-on-a-Chip (SoC). LUNA is capable of generating custom peripherals targeting the common Wishbone bus; allowing it to easily be integrated into SoC designs; and the luna-soc library provides simple automation for developing simple SoC designs.

Some things you’ll be able to use LUNA for in the future:

  • Man-in-the-middle’ing USB communications. LUNA will be able to act as a USB proxy, transparently modifying USB data as it flows between a host and a device.

  • USB reverse engineering and security research. LUNA will serve as an ideal backend for tools like Facedancer; allowing easy emulation and rapid prototyping of compliant and non-compliant USB devices.

More details on these features are covered in the source, and in the remainder of this documentation.